Do I need an accountant for my small business Canada?

Many small businesses prefer to have an accountant or other certified tax preparer complete their Canadian income tax returns. Using an Accountant to prepare your income tax returns in Canada can help alleviate a lot of stress and time on the part of the business owner. Part of running a successful business is knowing how Canadian income [...]

What to do if I was selected for audit?

First step... don't panic! If you have a diligent small business accountant on your side, you should have most things covered. If you've been selected for an audit, the auditor will contact you to arrange for a convenient time for a meeting with you or your accountant. Canada Revenue - What else you should know about audits BC Govt tax audit [...]

How to pay CRA taxes owing?

Navigate to payments to CRA and follow the instructions by choosing whether you are a business, or filing as an individual. How to pay your business taxes online Sign in to your financial institution's online banking service for businesses.Under "Add a payee" look for an option such as:Federal – Corporation Tax Payments – TXINSFederal – [...]

How do I file my taxes?

We direct you to the Canada Revenue website which is a great resource for information on how to file your own taxes. File your taxes online or by paper, or find other options to have someone else complete them for you: Certified tax software (electronic filing)Authorize a representative.Community volunteer tax clinic.Discounter (tax preparer)Paper tax return.Automated [...]

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