What is a CPA?

CPAs are regulated financial accountants who help individual, businesses, and organizations to reach their financial goals. The CPA certification is the highest recognition within the accounting profession in Canada. Learn more about what a CPA does.

What does CPA stand for?

CPA stands for Chartered Professional Accountant. Don’t get confused. If you’re in the US it means Certified Public Accountant. Confusing.. we know :)

What is the scope of your bookkeeping work?

Each client receives a personalized and customized bookkeeping service. We understand that every business is different, which is why we are great at adapting to the needs of your business. While some bookkeepers might act as management accountants to closely monitor finances and interpret the figures, other bookkeeper’s skills are limited to data entry. Our [...]

6 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Bookkeeper

A trustworthy, efficient, and flexible small business bookkeeper is what we all want. Here are some questions that you can ask a prospective bookkeeper when interviewing them. What is the scope of the bookkeeping work?What credentials do you have that make you a good Bookkeeper?Are you licensed, accredited, and qualified?What is your level of expertise?Tell [...]

7 Questions to Ask an Accountant Before You Hire Them

Nothing is more important than the relationship between yourself and your accountant. You want to feel like you are being listened to and that they have your interests at heart. In the interview these questions might act as a guide for the conversation, but also trust your gut instinct to feel out whether there is [...]

When do I know I’m ready to hire accountant?

As your company grows, and there is more demand for your time during your working day, you may find you need the support of an accountant. For sure, you can do your own accounting for your small business, many owners do just that. But maybe business owners often say that they wish they made the [...]

How do I hire a small business accountant?

To find and hire the right small business accountant, consider these 5 steps; Identify your needs. The first step in hiring an accountant is identifying what level of financial help you needDo you need full-time or part-time accounting?Post a job, ask a friend, post in FB groups, and ask around your network circlesPrepare interview questions [...]

Do I need an accountant for my small business Canada?

Many small businesses prefer to have an accountant or other certified tax preparer complete their Canadian income tax returns. Using an Accountant to prepare your income tax returns in Canada can help alleviate a lot of stress and time on the part of the business owner. Part of running a successful business is knowing how Canadian income [...]

Should I hire a bookkeeper from Soleimani CPA?

We sure hope so! :) Our team can take away the pain of bookkeeping and let you get back to running the business. We are friendly, efficient, and dedicated to helping your business thrive while helping you make sound financial decisions along the way.

What to do if I was selected for audit?

First step... don't panic! If you have a diligent small business accountant on your side, you should have most things covered. If you've been selected for an audit, the auditor will contact you to arrange for a convenient time for a meeting with you or your accountant. Canada Revenue - What else you should know about audits BC Govt tax audit [...]

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