Tax Planning

6 Tips to Help Business Owners with Year End Tax Planning (2023)

With the holiday season fast approaching, year end tax planning may not be the first thing on any business owner's list but once the holidays end, tax season will creep up sooner than you think. Being prepared for tax season will help limit any unexpected costs when you complete your tax returns. Businesses commonly use [...]

Year End Tax Planning for Self Employed Individuals (2023)

As a self employed individual, setting aside money for taxes and contributing to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) becomes your responsibility. Self-employed individuals are considered their own employer and the employee, so you also have to contribute to CPP at double the rate. It is up to you to track business and personal expenses, income, [...]

4 Proven Ways to Do Year End Tax Planning for Parents, Spouses and Caregivers

It's the end of the year already which means the last opportunity for year end tax planning for parents, spouses, and caregivers. Raising a family and providing for a household can be expensive, but there are also many benefits and deductions available to lower the tax you owe once it is tax season. As a [...]

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