Should you incorporate your business?

Incorporating is a major business decision. With pricey setup fees, paperwork, and regular reporting, it isn’t a straightforward choice to make. Yet some businesses feel the legal and tax advantages, along with other pros, outweigh the cons. Other business owners may not find it beneficial, especially with the work required to remain legal. However, if you would like to know if you should incorporate your business, we will walk you through it. When forming a business, the government of Canada [...]

Choosing The Right Small Business Accountant

Selecting the right accountant is up there will picking the right auto mechanic and financial advisor. There is a high level of trust required between both parties and pressure put on the relationship. Having the right small business accountant on your side is so vital to your financial health and ultimately your business success. Thanks Xero for sharing some advise - we've picked out the best bits. Enjoy. Top tips for choosing an accountant Once you've decided it's time to [...]

5 Tax Saving Tips

Navigating the tax system here in Canada is a real challenge. Most business owners don't know all the credits and deductions available to them.  It's important that you sit down with your accountant and financial advisor to do tax planning. In this article we have provided 5 Tax savings tips that could help reduce your tax bill and retain more income. Use TFSAs and RRSPs Savings plans that offer tax-advantages are a great way to slower your tax bill. Tax-Free [...]

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